Meet The Team

Amanda Sears

The hubbub of the Centre. Amanda keeps everything running silky smooth, answers the questions, the go to.

Favorite Food: Lasagna 

Favorite Color: Purple 

Favorite Car: 5 Litre Mustang GT 1991

Favorite Book: Non-Fiction

Favorite Animal: Cats 

Favorite Movie: Fools Rush in

Favorite Superhero: My Dad

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Craft: Glue 

Best at: Photography 

Piece of Advice: "Don't make assumptions" 

Kaitlyn Kisch

A more quiet soul. Kaitlyn keeps the Centre buzzing.  She is always there to help with IT, the website and labels!!  Kaitlyn is great for a chat.

Favorite Food: Tacos 

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Car: 2018 Cadillac CTS-V

Favorite Book: The Girl on the Train  

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Favorite Movie: A walk to remember

Favorite Video game: Animal Crossing

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite craft: Coloring

Best at: Listening

Piece of advice: "Fall down seven times, stand up eight"

Shelley Mazurat

Big kid at heart. Enjoys playing games and organizing fundraisers. She's always up for a fun challenge and a laugh.

Favorite Food: BBQ Steak

Favorite Color: Yellow 

Favorite Car: 1967 Shelby GT 

Favorite Book: Clan of the Cave Bear

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Movie: A Knight's Tale

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman 

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Craft: Leather work 

Best at: Various crafts such as sewing and bead work

Piece of Advice: "Stay young and be true to yourself"


Favourite Book: The Fountainhead Favourite Animal: Monkey

Favourite Sport: Running

Favourite Game: Chess

Favourite Superhero: Mr. Incredible

Best At: Growing a moustache

Advice: A sacrifice today pays off tomorrow.



Favourite Book: Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

Favourite Animal: Dog

Favourite Movie: High School Musical

Favourite Video Game: Mario Kart

Favourite Superhero: Spider-Man

Best At: Movie knowledge

Advice: Live in the moment. Don't let the past drag you down.

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